City-House, our entry for the Housing Innovation Competition: Garrison Trotter, re-envisions the townhouse typology to create a prototype for small household living in low- to medium-density neighborhoods.

The competition, sponsored by the Mayor’s Housing Innovation Lab, the Department of Neighborhood Development, the Garrison Trotter Neighborhood Association, and the Boston Society of Architects / AIA,  seeks to reconsider how affordable housing can be provided by using compact units and innovative design solutions.

Our design utilized the 24 Westminster Avenue site as its testing ground, and it is a replicable prototype that can be deployed on other sites.  Focusing on the need for compact units to serve Boston’s growing population of small households in low- to medium-density neighborhoods, our proposal re-envisions the townhouse. The City-House allows for every unit to have direct exterior access and private outdoor space as well as creates a housing typology that lends itself easily to sustainable innovations. Through strategic design innovations such as the “programmed edge” that efficiently allows multiple programs to occur within a compact footprint, a great amount of flexibility and customization is achieved in both the unit design and the landscape strategy to accommodate a wide range of needs and amenities.

Given the importance of affordable housing in the City of Boston and beyond, et Alia is excited to be a part of this conversation with our concept design proposal.  Stayed tuned for more in future blog posts!

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