INTERLOCK House|Community

Main Court

INTERLOCK is a multi-family community of tiny houses with shared amenities, flexible site layouts, and multiple interior program modules for individual customization that can accommodate a wide range of groups and sites.  INTERLOCK received a Honorable Mention in Volume Zero’s international “Tiny House” design competition.

Interlock Unit

Each individual 250 square foot INTERLOCK House is composed of two pieces to create a double-wide configuration with a flexible central open space.  The edges of the unit are composed of modular inserts that allow the space to be customized for a variety of lifestyles and living arrangements.

Interlock Community Diagrams

The individual dwelling units are designed to aggregate together in a variety of ways to accommodate different site conditions and lot sizes.  For this location, INTERLOCK Community is designed with a shared kitchen/dining building, a laundry/lounge, gathering decks, and a community garden in conjunction with smaller scale decks and inner courtyards shared between 2-4 units.

Interlock Community