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Small Kitchen? Create More Space, No Addition Needed
Small Kitchen Renovation


Have you ever wondered how you could have a larger or more functional kitchen without adding more square footage to your home?  If so, this video is for you!  Atelier et Alia was honored to participate in a panel discussion for the Boston Globe Magazine’s series on kitchen design solutions called “Creating More Kitchen Space, No Addition Needed”. Through a presentation of project examples, co-owner Kristen Giannattasio highlights three strategies to getting more space within the existing footprint of a home:

1. Co-opting underutilized space to expand the kitchen footprint and create a walk-in pantry that supports an open plan layout as in our Mid-Century Modern

2. Relocating a single doorway to make space for a bank of super-functional full height pantry cabinets and doubling the storage capacity as in our Modern Kitchen renovation in a Boston condominium.

3. Removing walls to create an open plan and the illusion of a much larger space as in our 1880 House renovation of a late 19th Century New England Farmhouse style home.