Vision + Approach

At et Alia we strongly believe that the best design solutions are products of great collaborations, so much so that the firm name was carefully chosen as a reflection of this sentiment.  “Et Alia”, meaning “and others”, is a perpetual reminder that architecture and design is about the relationships forged to make the work possible, the investment of many different talents, and the people and communities whose lives are touched by the work.  Successful architectural projects synthesize across a broad set of stakeholders and requirements, and we are deeply invested in bringing these diverse needs together into a cohesive project both through formal planning exercises and an overall transparent process.

For us innovation is a mindset, a way of approaching the world, and we bring this technique of inquiry to all of our work.  We ask a multitude of questions, we invest in research, and we listen closely.  Drawing from diverse experiences in architecture, engineering, construction, and teaching, we look at every design problem with fresh eyes.  As skilled collaborators, we assemble a team of experts specific to each project, and facilitate this coordination to develop a comprehensive project that builds upon itself.  We emphasize the production of clear documentation, be it graphic, written, or verbal, as key to a successful project.  At Atelier et Alia, we are dedicated to being known for providing the utmost quality of design, detail, and project delivery.