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Compact Multi-use Spaces

We often are asked to get a small space to perform like a big space.  Luckily, the size of a space is only partially determined by its square footage.  A room’s proportions, adjacencies, and layout all play a substantial role in its perceived size.  Over the years, we have developed many tools for having a small space feel much bigger.  Here are three strategies: 1. The programmed edge One way to have a small space feel larger, and perform multiple functions successfully, is to pack a lot of program and storage along one wall while leaving the rest of the

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Biophilia + Strategies for Warm Modern Design

Biophilia is defined as a desire or tendency to commune with nature.   Over the last several years, it has been increasingly demonstrated that people thrive more in spaces that incorporate natural elements.  This includes elements such as daylight, exterior views, ecological materials, and patterns that mimic the rhythms of nature.  Many sustainability and wellness architectural standards, such as LEED and Living Building Challenge, incorporate biophilic requirements into their rating systems. Combined with modern design, a biophilic approach enhances the clean lines and open plans of contemporary architecture to create engaging spaces.  We term this approach warm modern.  It employs elements

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Small Kitchen Renovation

Small Kitchen? Create More Space, No Addition Needed

Have you ever wondered how you could have a larger or more functional kitchen without adding more square footage to your home?  If so, this video is for you!  Atelier et Alia was honored to participate in a panel discussion for the Boston Globe Magazine’s series on kitchen design solutions called “Creating More Kitchen Space, No Addition Needed”. Through a presentation of project examples, co-owner Kristen Giannattasio highlights three strategies to getting more space within the existing footprint of a home: 1. Co-opting underutilized space to expand the kitchen footprint and create a walk-in pantry that supports an open plan

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