As part of our on-going research into the modalities of micro living, we created MOBI, a prototype double-wide, towable micro dwelling that is customizable with modular components. Studies such as this one into compact living generate ideas and knowledge that we then capitalize on in other projects.

Mobile Tiny House concept rendering
Mobile Tiny House interior modules


Catering to homeowners who value flexibility and a small footprint, MOBI is readily moved and can be customized over its lifespan with various programmatic modular inserts to fit the evolving individual needs of the user.


Designed to fit within narrow towing dimensional regulations, MOBI’s hinged connection allows the two halves to be brought together to achieve a spacious and flexible interior. Tilt-up decks protect large expanses of glazing when the unit is mobile. When deployed at the site, these decks fold down and expand the living space to the exterior with minimum intrusion on the site itself.

Mobile Tiny House concept rendering
Mobile Tiny House plans


To support off-grid living MOBI is designed with photovoltaic panels, composting toilet, roof window to promote passive cooling, and rain collection and storage in the attic above the bathroom module.

Mobile Tiny House concept rendering

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