Project:  Proposal for the Future of Work Places

Workplaces are Decentralized Hubs

With increased capabilities of working remotely, more and more people will be working from home or off-site and only go into the office occasionally.  Therefore, the office becomes a hub where colleagues can meet in person, gather, and have a different work environment. At the same time, the physical office will also be decentralized.   There will no longer be a main office downtown where everyone has an assigned desk.  Rather, there will be multiple workplaces in various towns, and colleagues go to the location that suits them best on a given day.  With ANYPLACE WORKPLACE, the various office functions are contained within easily transportable modules that fold out to create distinct environments.  These modules can be deployed in a wide range of locations, quickly transforming vacant retail storefronts, warehouses, office spaces, and residential buildings throughout the city into workplaces with a strong identity and sense of place.

Workplaces are Biophilic

Research has increasingly shown that having connections to nature are important for our well-being.  The design of the modules incorporates motifs from nature, spaces for plants, and a natural palette to evoke our connection to nature.  With the ability to easily relocate the office and use the modules in various spaces, the office is now reusable over and over again, significantly lessening the environmental impact of building out the workplace.

Workplaces are Flexible

As workplaces become decentralized hubs, the office needs to be easy to set up and change over time.  ANYPLACE WORKPLACE divides the workplace functions into three distinct base modules: (1) ANYPLACE OFFICE for focused work; (2) ANYPLACE CONFERENCE for meetings; and (3) ANYPLACE LOUNGE for gatherings of all sorts.  The office is easily created and adjusted by selecting the number of modules needed and arranging them with additional printer station, phone booth, kitchenette, and coat closet modules, that are also available to fully support the workplace functions.  Each module is self-contained, folds up for safe transport, and is on caster wheels for easy movement.