Bartlett Place

Project: RFP- Building F4 Bartlett Station
Developer: Nuestra CDC with Windale Developers Inc

In developing this conceptual proposal for multifamily housing in Roxbury, MA, we carefully considered the context, the competing size and capacity metrics, and the changing households of today. The design is based on a prototypical 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit that is organized around a single flexible room that projects out to the facade and is fully glazed at the end to maximize daylight, views, and a sense of spaciousness. The flanking bedrooms appeal to a wide variety of living arrangements, from a couple with children to two roommates to the homeowner and a guest, by giving each party their own zone within the unit.  The organization of the units also provides an articulation of building scale that relates to the neighborhood and an efficient layout for building services and structure. The design maximizes the number of units for the parcel and strategically provides amenities and visual interest with exterior balconies, a shared ground floor living room, bicycle parking, and community garden and landscape features.