Researching Housing Configurations

At Et Alia we are invested in developing innovative design solutions for housing typologies.

Our parcel studies for the City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development investigated various housing types in order to increase the capacity of the parcel while remaining contextual to the neighborhood fabric.  With the City-house we researched how utilizing the town house typology as a micro unit offered multiple benefits including individualized exterior space, community amenities, seamless integration of sustainable strategies, and 100% saleable square footage.  Further investigations into how to utilize micro units to address various housing scenarios have been made with the mobile hinged double-wide MOBI and the flexible aggregation of 250 sq. ft. individual dwelling units of INTERLOCK House|Community.  All of our multifamily residential work incorporates research into the unit types, such as the design of an efficient 2-bedroom that responds to various lifestyles in the Bartlett Place proposal.