Kitchen Expansion (without expanding)

Project: Condo Renovation
General Contractor:  Dudley Builders
Cabinet Designer/Dealer: Gregory Hitchcock/Cesar NYC
Wood Countertop fabrication: Grothouse
Photographer: Carly Gillis Photography

The main challenges of this project are all too common; 1. how do you increase the storage capacity and improve the functionality of an existing kitchen (without expanding its footprint or relocating utilities), and 2. how do you visually break up a long corridor (58 ft in this case) that bridges the most public and most private zones of the residence.

We arrived at a kitchen layout solution that nearly doubled the storage capacity by  starting with an analysis of the existing flow of circulation.  By strategically relocating existing doorways to redirect traffic we were able to provide a more efficient layout and uncover valuable real estate for new floor to ceiling pantry cabinets and an additional work zone.

To address the corridor, the existing hall was subdivided into 2 zones, public and private.  The public hall connected the front and back entrances as well as the public living spaces, and the private hall accessed the guest bedrooms beyond.  The addition of a floor to ceiling custom bookcase was used to define the public corridor and visually break up the long narrow space.   The entrance to the Master Suite is accessed through a sliding panel within the bookcase, concealing the private quarters while revealing open display shelving beyond.