Project: Prototype design for a mobile micro-house
Collaborators: Morgan McMahon

As part of our on-going research into the modalities of micro living , et Alia created MOBI, a double-wide, towable micro dwelling that is customizable with modular components.

MOBI is transportable and designed to fit within towing regulation dimensional restrictions so that no special permits are needed. Its swivel wheel assembly allows the 250 square foot house to be easily configured and serves as its foundation. The tilt-down decks create the exterior space for the home, so no permanent site work is required. MOBI is simply driven to a site, deployed, and enjoyed!

The typical tiny house that fits towing regulations results in a narrow linear building with cramped interior spaces. MOBI, in contrast, provides both ease of mobility and a spacious flexible interior. By hinging the two halves together, the center of the house becomes a well-defined open space that can accommodate changing uses, while the edges are densely programmed with the functions that a home requires: kitchen, bathroom, beds, couches, desks, storage, and laundry. This central living space extends to the exterior with tilt-down decks on each end of the room, framing expansive views from both sides of the house. When mobile, the decks tilt up providing protection and enclosure.

The programmed edges are designed to be interchangeable, thereby allowing for a host of configurations of the interior of the home. Various kitchen and storage modules can be selected. Multiple bed modules can be installed. The modules make it easy to renovate as the needs of the MOBI inhabitants change.