Open Office + Collaboration


Project: 650SF Workplace Fit-out
Photographer: Carly Gillis

The design of this small open office creates three distinct zones for different types of workplace functions while maintain a feeling of openness and daylight throughout.  The front zone holds the more public functions of the office, and flexible panels between it and the interior work zone provide spatial separation for formal meetings.  Within the middle work zone, a “scrum bar” accommodates spontaneous and informal meetings and team layout space, while the six sit-stand workstations are oriented to face the opposing walls to support individual heads-down focused work.  The rear zone houses the support functions, including a large storage closet, a wood clad kitchenette and printing area, and the restroom.  By this strategic placement of the different distinct functions of an office, the space is able to be flexible and accommodate a wide array of types of collaboration and individual work to support productivity.