Project: Interior Design for TrashFashions Fashion Show, Boston, MA
Design Team: Kristen Giannattasio + Tali Buchler
Material Donations:
Improper Bostonian
Photographer: Meghan Moore

TrashFashions is a group of designers who maintain that “trash” may be transformed or re-purposed as raw materials for wearable art.

Recognizing the power in this type of transformation, we sought to convert the mundane into the extraordinary, and to offer a new perspective, or a ‘re-reading’ of excess and waste.

We chose to work with magazines (in keeping with the theme of recycling), a material used and discarded everyday.  The magazines were developed into a unit of construction, or building block, which became the basis of the installation.  Through the simple operation of repetition, the single magazine was transformed into architectural elements that define and organize space.  The method of fabrication selected was related to the function of the architectural element, i.e., the wall was stacked, the ‘quilt’ was stitched.

The individual magazine is loaded with commercial messages. The simple act of aggregating the magazines subverts their original meaning as they become a wall, a bench, a curtain, a lampshade, a screen