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City-House (shown above, unbuilt)  Boston MA
Brown University Stephen Robert ‘62 Campus Center, LEED Gold  Providence RI *
Cornell University Kimball Hall, LEED Gold  Ithaca NY *
Grable Visitor Center at the Frick Pittsburgh, LEED Silver  Pittsburgh PA *
North Beach Branch Library, LEED Gold  San Francisco CA *
Williams College Science Center Expansion, LEED Gold  Williamstown MA *

Embedded throughout et Alia’s work is a commitment to sustainable strategies and universal design. A selection of our LEED experience is highlighted above.  We utilize sustainable techniques to build upon one another, creating synergies that not only enhance the performance of the building but also its design rigor.   Sustainable and accessible design solutions are seamlessly integrated into the architectural design.

The design of the City-House project shown above illustrates this approach.  The use of the town house typology and expression of the individual units started with a goal of providing each unit its own exterior spaces and working with the neighborhood context.  We then seized upon the opportunities of this massing to increase the building performance.   Each townhouse was given a separate pitched roof to allow for every unit to have its own solar array oriented towards the south. The ceiling on the interior of the upper level takes advantage of this slope and is lofted to allow for hot air to accumulate and be vented through an operable skylight, enhancing the natural ventilation. Taking advantage of the code requirement that townhouses must be open on two sides, the units have large glazed openings on either end of the unit to bring in daylight and allow for ample cross ventilation.  Simultaneously these articulations and strategies created a building massing that is in keeping with the residential scale of the neighborhood.  The sustainable strategies are fully integrated into the design and enhance the overall design of the building.

* Project executed by one of our principals while working at another firm.