Workplace Lounge+Break



Project: Interior Renovation of Office Lounge/Meeting Room and Break Room for a local bank
Client:  Withheld

This existing office lacked social spaces for the staff to come together informally to foster and support a positive office culture.

Our proposal seeks to rearrange the Break Room to promote social interaction anchored by a large communal table. The kitchen and storage functions occupy the full length of one wall for an efficient use of space. There are options for a reading nook with soft seating or counter and stool seating for a more heads down/quiet experience in the corner of the space.

The Lounge needs to create a retreat from the office environment as well as be overflow space for informal group meetings.  We have therefore provided soft seating that promotes relaxation and can be rearranged for a group meeting.  There is a wall mounted monitor for presentations/video conferences and a bank of phone pods wrapped in acoustic paneling tucked into an existing niche to create further flexibility in how the space is used.

Copy and Mail functions have been relocated to the hall, removing the busy office functions from the lounge spaces.

The new finish and furniture palette incorporates warm natural materials and as is inspired by the existing finishes while providing updated spaces that promote rest and escape from the busy office environment.