Christina Marsh’s review of “Architecture Matters” published in Architecture Boston

We are honored to be part of ArchitectureBoston’s 20th Anniversary issue with Christina Marsh’s review of Aaron Betsky’s new book, “Architecture Matters”.

From the review:

The most resonant moments occur when the idea of memoir and manifesto are deftly intertwined.  The book opens with just such a recollection, when Betsky describes the transformational experience of visiting Gerrit Rietveld’s Schröder House in the Netherlands. As a high school student, he was invited to see it at the behest of his teacher, a friend of Mrs. Schröder. The palpable awe of the skeptical high schooler, as he discovered the power of the home’s design, sets the journey that the reader is about to embark upon. Other such recollections, of an experience or a building that reveals an essential premise of architecture, are poignant moments that punctuate the book.

Head over to ArchitectureBoston’s website to read the full review and check out this fantastic issue.  Congratulations ArchitectureBoston!