Christina Marsh moderates panel at ABx 2017 on Remote Work practices


“Remote Design Collaboration: A Cultural Evolution”
Formatted as a panel discussion, we examined how to leverage remote collaboration to increase creative opportunities, create alternate workflows, and enhance flexibility and equity.

panelEt Alia assembled this panel as part of the firm’s ongoing research into the future of work environments and the possibilities of remote work and digital collaboration.  We are excited to have this panel of experts that represents a variety of architectural practice types and brings a diverse set of perspectives to the question of remote design collaboration.  The session was kicked off with each panelist presenting a specific aspect of remote collaboration:

  • Diana Nicklaus: “The Business Case for Flexibility”
  • Chris Ryan: “The Remote Work Lifestyle”
  • Dan Gallivan: “Technology of Collaboration”
  • Kristian Kloeckl: “Workplace + the Public Realm”

Christina Marsh moderated a discussion that delved into the many nuances and synergistic opportunities between these various aspects, and the session ended with the audience’s comments and questions.