et Alia teams with Collective Next to design the collaborative process


Architectural design, with all the varied interests and experts that a successful building project encompasses, is inherently collaborative.  At et Alia, we recognize that good collaboration doesn’t just happen by getting everyone into a room.  It is a process that needs to be deliberately designed for each project, and we are constantly researching how to achieve stronger and more varied collaboration with our clients, stakeholders, and design team.

Recently we teamed up with Collective Next, a firm specializing in facilitating change management, to examine the collaborative process within the design of large-scale building projects in corporate, institutional, and academic settings. Together we found opportunities to interject collaborative, facilitated moments into the visioning, design, and review phases of these projects to broaden the range of feedback and reap additional benefits for the project and the team as a whole.  You can read more about our findings here.